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Contractor Tax Calculator

Are you wondering how much extra you could take home each month as a contractor if you were to have your own limited company with ICS Accounting or an umbrella company solution? If so, we welcome you to take a moment to put a few simple details into our contractor tax calculator.

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Tax Calculator

The ICS contractor tax calculator has been designed specifically with contractors in mind. Through entering just a few basic details into the tax calculator below, you can quickly and effectively see how much you could be earning by working as a contractor through ICS Umbrella, our umbrella company or as your own limited company using ICS Accounting.


In an instant, you can see for yourself how much extra you could take home through our services and how beneficial they could be to you. At the end of the day; who doesn’t want to take home more of their earnings each month?

By providing you with a clear and concise breakdown on our contractor tax calculator of how much extra you could be taking home, we hope that you have the information required to make an educated decision on the best option for you. Please note that results may vary depending on your SDC and IR35 status. For a more personalised calculation, please talk to us online, call 0800 195 3750 or fill in the form at the end of the contractor tax calculator.

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