Key Information Documents (KID)

The Basics:

• A new regulation which will take effect from 6 April 2020
• A requirement for all new Agency Workers to be provided with a KID before agreeing to terms with an employment business
• Agencies and Umbrellas can work together to produce this sheet
• These are designed to promote transparency, especially around details of pay based on an assignment
• There are specific requirements, formats and frequency to be followed
• It is the employment businesses responsibility to ensure these are issued

Who will need a KID?

• Any new agency worker who engages after 6 April 2020 (those already engaged do not require one)
• A new KID if any details changed i.e. other deductions, contributions, repayments etc

How ICS can help?

• We already have KID templates in place and can provide on request
• Our KIDs include all deductions, the employment status of the worker
and ICS Umbrella’s contact details
• ICS are FCSA Accredited Members, ensuring you receive a high level of
service and compliance