Will Boris Be Good For Business?

Written by James Candlin, Accountant at ICS Accounting Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister has landed him primarily with the task of achieving a departure from the European Union which both sides find palatable. However, he also faces the challenge…

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What is the 24 Month Expense Rule?

As you may already know as a director of your own limited company you may incur business-related travel expenses but what isn’t commonly known is the 24 month rule which specifically relates to travel and related subsistence expenses. The purpose…

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Coworking outside of the City

This summer we’re creating a series of blogs that look at ways to manage quiet periods, why we shouldn’t be living like an entrepreneur and looking into why 40% of small businesses don’t use social media.  This blog will feature…

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Freelancer Quiet Periods

Making the Most of Quiet Periods

It’s happened. Your contract is ending and no matter how much you reach out to potential clients, they just don’t need you right now. The self-doubt creeps in and you wonder whether you’re ever going to get another contract again….

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