“It’d Just Be Easier To Get A Job”

  “It’d just be easier to get a job.”   How many times have you muttered that phrase?   When we’re employed our work is generally given to us, we rarely have to fill in a timesheet, let alone calculate…

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Coworking outside of the City

This summer we’re creating a series of blogs that look at ways to manage quiet periods, why we shouldn’t be living like an entrepreneur and looking into why 40% of small businesses don’t use social media.  This blog will feature…

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Project Planning Tools for Busy Freelancers

  Working on multiple projects simultaneously is part of the parcel of being a freelancer. And for many, the variety in the day-to-day work is one of the reasons they wanted to become self-employed. But when deadlines are looming and…

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Coworking Spaces UK

The Rise of UK Coworking Spaces

Written in association with Catarina King, Owner and Co-founder of Society1 There’s a buzz around coworking spaces at the moment. They’re springing up all over and being touted as the offices of the future for independent workers and companies alike,…

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Sleep Tips for Freelancers

Sleep Well, Work Better: 10 Tips for Freelancers

  Freelancers and business owners have a lot to think about. From delivering a project to submitting a VAT return, any number of things can be playing on your mind. We also know that you don’t perform at 100% when…

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