IR35 Reforms in the Public Sector – What Contractors Need to Know

The IR35 reforms in the public sector will take effect from 6th April 2017, but what do they mean for you? The following article answers key questions regarding the IR35 reforms. What Will it Mean to Be ‘Inside’ or ‘Caught…

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How Will IR35 Changes in the Public Sector Affect Recruitment Agencies?

Last month, the Autumn Statement confirmed that the proposed intermediaries legislation (IR35) reforms in the public sector will be going ahead, and this month the draft legislation for the Finance Bill 2017 revealed more detail about these changes. We give…

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John Lyon, managing director of Lancaster-based contractor accountancy firm, ICS

Managing Director of Lancaster accountancy firm urges against a rushed IR35 review

THE managing director of contractor accountancy firm, ICS, has urged HMRC not to “sprint” into IR35 ahead of the Autumn Statement and understand that Limited Companies are a legitimate payment vehicle for contractors. The annual Autumn Statement, due this year…

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