IPSE Policy Conference

The Summer Budget 2015: Changes that Specifically Affect Contractors

The Chancellor George Osborne gave his Summer Budget 2015 earlier this month in which he made a number of announcements about changes the Conservative Government are planning. Today, we take a look at the changes that specifically affect contractors. Whilst…

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What Does the Summer Budget 2015 Mean for Contractors?

The Chancellor George Osborne gave the Emergency Summer Budget on Wednesday in the House of Commons. The new Budget sets out a plan for Britain for the next 5 years, which Osborne claims will continue to move us from a…

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2015 General Election – Our Guide to the Policies Relevant to the Self-Employed

There are a variety of things to take into account when you’re at the ballot box, but for those in self-employment it would be wise to take into account political parties’ stances on contractors, freelancers and consultants. Our current Government…

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