Self-Employment: Managing Your Mental Health

  Self-employment can be a double-edged sword when your mental health takes a hit. On the one hand it provides flexibility, higher rates of pay and the freedom to choose the work you undertake. However, it also requires long hours,…

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Presenteeism: The Adverse Effect Of Soldiering On

  Presenteeism, whilst not a new concept, has become a buzz word in 2019 as more and more employers are waking up to the reality that workers putting their work before their health isn’t beneficial for anyone.   It’s the…

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Freelancer Quiet Periods

Making the Most of Quiet Periods

It’s happened. Your contract is ending and no matter how much you reach out to potential clients, they just don’t need you right now. The self-doubt creeps in and you wonder whether you’re ever going to get another contract again….

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