Employee Benefits: Perks That Work

  We are living in the future. From commercial space flights to meat grown in labs, our world’s changing at such a rate that we’re often left feeling slightly disorientated. Just when you thought you understood Vine along came Snapchat,…

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Freelancer Quiet Periods

Making the Most of Quiet Periods

It’s happened. Your contract is ending and no matter how much you reach out to potential clients, they just don’t need you right now. The self-doubt creeps in and you wonder whether you’re ever going to get another contract again….

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Complex Algebra or Rates of Income Tax?

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘adulting’. I’ve heard it used when it comes to moving house, buying a car, getting life insurance, booking a boiler service, the list could go on. In the same breath, I hear people saying…

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