The economic fortunes of the UK have experienced something of a reversal in recent months, as the lows of the recession are slowly being replaced by more positive times. Many factors have played their part in this recovery, and the growth of self-employment has undoubtedly been one of the biggest stories. Self-employment has clearly done wonders in terms of reducing unemployment statistics in the UK, but it’s actually just one form of ‘flexible employment’ in our country at present.

Flexible Worker
The UK’s Flexible Workforce

Flexible workers are playing a huge part in the fortunes of the UK, yet some are now questioning whether such professionals are being properly valued by the government. According to views expressed on Contractor UK, flexible workers are probably esteemed more highly today than they have been at any previous time in UK history, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement. It’s true that the government is now thinking more appropriately with regards to supporting distinct groups of workers – such as those who are judged as ‘flexible’ – and many promising political legislations are being implemented as well. So, what’s to complain about?

Room for Improvement

Potential talking points like the refusal to amend IR35 can be explained by pointing out that, for legitimate self-employed workers, the ruling can provide stability, yet other things are harder to put a positive spin on. For instance, the ‘low-paid’ end of the flexible workforce is in real need of further support, and there are substantial problems relating to tax avoidance schemes at large. Sometimes, even legitimate services like umbrella solutions can be misunderstood by government officials who haven’t fully got to grips with them, and thus proper education is an issue of paramount importance.
Flexible Services for Flexible Workers

Time in business

In the battle to ensure that flexible workers are valued as they should be, politicians need to be re-educated, as only then can informed decisions be made that will impact proceedings in a positive way. All told, the fact that these issues are being addressed looks set to make 2015 a thoroughly good year for the flexible workforce, and we’ll certainly watch the forthcoming progress with great interest. However, another way to assist the flexible workforce in the UK is to provide tailored and flexible services to enable easy methods of payment, and that’s exactly what ICS is able to offer.
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