Complaints Procedure

The following procedure should only be followed by Limited Company clients taken from the terms of engagement.

1 .Purpose

1.1 We, ICS Accounting Limited, are committed to upholding best practices through a high-quality service to all our clients. This Annex sets out the procedure in which we will operate in dealing with complaints arising from the provision of services under our letter of engagement.

2. Raising an Issue

2.1 In the first instance please contact your client account manager to discuss any concerns which you have so that the matter can be looked into immediately.

3. Making an Informal Complaint

3.1 An informal complaint can be made by telephone or by speaking, face to face or in writing to your client account manager. If the matter is not resolved at this stage, and you have not already issued a complaint in writing, you should do so. Please include specific details so that the matter can be thoroughly investigated.

4. Making a Formal Complaint

4.1 Upon receipt of your written formal complaint an acknowledgement will be sent to you within 1 working day. The name and contact details of the person who will be dealing with your case will be supplied to you at this point.

4.2 Within 4 working days from receipt of your written complaint you will receive in writing a summary of our understanding of your complaint. You will be asked at this time to provide any further evidence or information regarding the complaint and to confirm that we have understood all your concerns.

4.3 Following such confirmation, we will investigate the matter and write to you in reply within 4 working days unless it becomes apparent to us that the investigation may not be completed within this timescale. In these circumstances, a written explanation will be sent to you including a progress report. When a substantive reply is sent you, a summary of findings will be included along with details of any further action to be taken.

5. If you are not satisfied?

5.1 If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your formal complaint, you can escalate this to the Operations Director.

Alternatively, for service related matters involving a CIMA member in Practice in the UK, you may wish to know that CIMA offers an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) facility for members of the public.

5.2 If, in the context of your dealings with us or the handling of your complaint, you believe that a member of CIMA has been guilty of misconduct, you may lodge a complaint with the Professional Conduct department of the Institute.

5.3 Further information on ADR or making a complaint about alleged misconduct can be found on the CIMA website at