At ICS, many of our clients are contractors working in the IT industry, and we’ve stated on numerous occasions how this is a great area of work to get into, even for those individuals who may not be ‘formally’ qualified. Well, if ever there was proof that the IT industry could be for anyone, the latest news about the youngest ever qualified computer specialist should be it.

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The Youngest Ever Microsoft Certified Professional

Reported on The Telegraph, a British boy aged just five years old has recently passed a recognised Microsoft Windows exam, thus becoming the most junior ‘Microsoft Certified Professional’ in history. Ayan Qureshi has only just started primary school, but has been using computers since he was just 3, and it didn’t take his IT consultant father long to see that Ayan had a natural aptitude in this particular area. Ayan benefited from a home computer lab when studying for his qualification, and his achievement just passes the previous record holder for ‘youngest computer specialist’ by a matter of a month.

Perhaps the most astonishing fact from this already curious story is the duration that it took Ayan to pass his exams. All told, the ‘Supporting Windows 8.1’ qualification took just 5 months to obtain, and – despite the fact that Ayan is not yet old enough to put his expertise into practice – he’s now qualified to a standard that many adults couldn’t boast. Astoundingly, Ayan hasn’t yet settled upon a chosen career path, but if he wants our advice he should definitely stick with the computing!

Never Too Young…Never Too Old…

Whilst it’s true that youngsters learn at a phenomenally quick rate, what this story shows is that there is no ‘typical’ candidate for an IT professional. Ayan’s abilities obviously fly in the face of accusations like ‘too young’ or ‘too inexperienced’, and, if you can’t be too young, why should you think that being too old matters either? All that counts is your expertise, and the rest is down to the individual. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand in the areas of any contracting career where you might not be so strong, and at ICS our professional team is here to help.

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