At ICS, we’re always looking out to see how the latest news could affect contractors within the UK, and several times previously we’ve mentioned how public transport is a very important service for contractors to take advantage of. Because of the flexible nature of their employment, contractors are often required to travel fair distances to further their careers, and as such they tend to rely on efficient transport more than most.

Of course, public transport in the UK is not always reliable, and, although many efforts are being exerted to amend this, there is still some way to go. However, one recent development certainly looks very promising; namely the introduction of a highly streamlined Wi-Fi service upon some of the train links that are most commonly frequented by contractors.

According to Contractor UK, the new Wi-Fi will be present on trains throughout England and Wales, and is scheduled to be operational in 3-4 years. The most crowded lines are due to receive this benefit first, as it has been identified that the current situation – where satellite signals become interrupted by poor connections – is less than ideal for those businessmen and women who spend a lot of time on the train.

Although this development is potentially a few years away, it is still a hugely positive piece of news. Being able to reliably conduct business dealings or carry out work on a train requires very dependable Wi-Fi, and so this new system will go some way towards achieving that. The ability to salvage time that may have been otherwise spent unproductively travelling is also important, and we can only hope that the new service is implemented as soon as possible.

Complications surrounding commuting have been a potential thorn in the side of contractors for quite some time, so it is good to see energy being expended to assuage this concern. Of course, there are perceived downsides to contracting in other senses too, such as the oft-unwanted burdens of administration or accounting duties, but that needn’t put you off pursuing a successful career in contracting, as at ICS our dedicated team of contractor accountants can help to take all of the stress out of this side of your business.

Contracting is an exceptionally rewarding vocation, and so it would be a shame to be dissuaded from such a career path simply because of administrative chores. That’s why we aim to give you the maximum time to focus upon your strengths by dealing with this side of your work for you. Our assistance will also ensure that you’re always in full compliance, so you’ve a lot to gain by utilising our services. To find out more, contact us now by calling 0800 195 3750 or email