The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) works towards ensuring that the flexible workforce sector has the support they require. They are a trade association for professional employment services (accountancy, umbrella, and payroll), working towards the representation of the sector in terms of legislations and regulations since 2008.

The FCSA have the needed expertise and proven record of ensuring that the industry is portrayed accordingly. The association also ensures that education and training are carried out to reinforce competence standards and improve the professional knowledge of those within the industry. Ensuring that bad practices, tax avoidance and worker exploitation are dealt with appropriately is also an FCSA goal.


Why Being an Accredited Member Is Important

We have been proud FCSA accredited members since the beginning of August; approved by meeting the rigorous standards set by the association. As an accredited member, we are committed to ensuring that you have all the support you need. Having demonstrated that we adhere to the FCSA Compliance Code, our accreditation assures you that we operate legally with your best interests in mind.

The standards for becoming an accredited member are rigorous and very difficult to achieve, with assessments carried out by independent assessors that are not connected to the FCSA. These experts are regulated accountants and lawyers who evaluate accredited members for compliance on an annual basis. A review of the assessment is also sent to the HMRC, allowing for complete and absolute transparency.


Proud to Be an Excellent Service

At ICS Accounting, we are proud to offer an expert service that has been providing accountancy support to our customers since 2002. Through our team of experts in employment and taxation law, we guarantee that our services comply fully with all current legislation, as well as being fully aware of future changes to the law. Every business is different, and therefore we tailor our approach to you and your individual needs so that you can focus on what matters most to you while we take care of legislation, paperwork, and administrative tasks.

Chief Executive of the FCSA, Julie Kermode, stated that an “FCSA accreditation is the quality mark that every recruitment business should look for in order to minimise risk in the supply chain. Recruiters that choose FCSA accredited members for their preferred suppliers have peace of mind that they will receive a compliant, reliable, and ethical service. ICS Accounting provides such a service and I am pleased to welcome them on board.”

John Lyon, MD at ICS Accounting, expressed his delight at becoming an accredited member of the FCSA and “to be joining FCSA and to be endorsed for the high standards and professionalism we have always strived to attain. Becoming FCSA accredited provides assurance to our clients and associates that they are dealing with a firm that is highly professional and compliant in the work we undertake. FCSA is leading the way in supporting the flexible workforce and we are keen to play our part in continuing to support the association in its efforts.”

Meeting the extremely high standards that the FCSA sets to ensure contractors and freelancers are protected in this unregulated industry is a great achievement that we are all proud of.

Providing administration and accountancy services to SMEs, contractors, and freelancers since 2002, here at ICS Accounting we are always happy to provide you with expert advice. Simply get in touch with us and our professional team will help you and provide you with the support you need.