We’ve had a fair bit to be thankful for with regards to British manufacturing of late, and this valuable sector is a popular topic for discussion. However, according to a recent BBC article, the current recovery of UK manufacture is perhaps even more noteworthy than was at first thought, as growth figures are now suggesting levels that have not been witnessed for 22 years.

These extremely positive numbers were registered during a period in May, when manufacturers’ raised their production capabilities to meet an increasingly significant demand for goods, and the hiring of more and more staff members by manufacturing firms has also been highlighted as an important contributory factor. Even though factory production has yet to top the heights that it reached before the recession, it is still consistently expanding every quarter by more than 1%, and such statistics are taken to be indicative of genuinely sustainable recovery.

The manufacturing industry has now been on the rise in the UK for more than a year, and the success of export orders has proved to be an especially welcome development. Overseas demand for UK manufacturing is commonplace in nearby areas such as Europe, as well as nations that are further afield like the USA and New Zealand, and apparently the scale of export orders has grown for 14 months in succession – a truly remarkable encouragement for the UK economy.

As related in the aforementioned article, the surge of manufacturers taking on staff is a thoroughly positive occurrence for the UK as a whole, and of course it will not only be permanent employees who are benefitting from these more prevalent opportunities, but contracting and freelancing professionals too. A high percentage of business firms within numerous industries have all expressed intentions to increase their dependency upon contractors in the months ahead, and so there has rarely been a kinder climate to pursue contracting vacancies than there is at present.

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