Changing the way in which you work by transitioning from in house employee to at-home freelancer is becoming ever more popular as the working world grows. In the past we’ve covered many different benefits of being able to work from wherever you choose, but could this way of working also be as much a lifestyle choice as a business orientated one?

With longer working hours and even more traffic on the roads during peak times, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to freelancing and working from home – avoiding the added stress and strain which comes along with working full time in today’s society and giving themselves a little more flexibility when it comes to their own lifestyle.

The Role of Technology

Woman hand plugging an usb  pendrive on a laptop at home

We’re living in an age where technology essentially rules our daily lives, and it’s with the help of these technologies that many people are able to make the jump from full time worker to freelancer relatively simply.

It’s never been easier to get out of the office and still be able to work; with the help cloud storage, WiFi and mobile computing, employees are able to work remotely and further their working career without coming up against the boundaries set out by the typical nine to five working environment.

Is It A Lifestyle?

While many people are drawn to contracting simply because they can stay at home and get on with their work, there are others who prefer to take their work even further afield and embrace the freedom that freelancing brings to their lives.

Young businessman with his laptop talking by phone

Whether they are jetting off around the globe to satiate their wanderlust or simply taking a trip to the local park to work outdoors, anything is possible when undertaking a freelancing lifestyle. With many resources available to support freelancers who are on the go, the working road trip becomes even more viable.

The Digital Nomads

Many freelancers who undertake this unfixed lifestyle are often referred to as “Digital Nomads” or described as “location independent”. There’s nothing wrong with adopting this lifestyle, and it can really help you to put your life into perspective, not only from a working point of view, but a personal one, too.

If you have your heart set on travelling the globe while tackling your workload, it’s important to be able to prioritise what is important in your life as a whole. You won’t be able to pack everything and haul it around with you, so you will be forced to make a definitive decision about your lifestyle choices – an important skill which many people need to improve on whether they are a freelancer or not!

As freelancing and contracting looks set to become even more popular as the working world continues to grow, will you take up this exciting, flexible lifestyle and learn how this way of life can enhance your future?

Here at ICS we’re very digital ourselves, and our contractors can easily access MyICS, our Limited and Umbrella online portals. Our Umbrella portal allows contractors to submit their timesheets and expenses, and our Limited portal allows contractors to raise invoices, submit expenses and more. These portals are particularly helpful for those on-the-go or on a working road trip.

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