Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

If you work in the construction industry and are self-employed, then the ICS Accounting CIS arrangement may be the best route for you.

It is our job to take compliance seriously and we have tailored our services over the past two decades to ensure that we remain compliant. This is why we are FCSA Accredited for all of our solutions, including CIS.

To determine whether you are suitable for our CIS Arrangement, all CIS workers will be asked to complete our specific Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) questionnaire. This is a predetermined set of open-ended questions which are then analysed to establish whether the worker is truly self-employed and is therefore not subject to (or to the right of) SDC. You will also be required to be on a minimum rate of £13 per hour.

Benefits of being with ICS Accounting

+ Increased take-home net pay (than other traditional PAYE methods)
+ Same day payments, making sure you get paid on time – every time.
+ Dedicated account manager available every working day
+ Contracting administration and invoicing undertaken by our highly experienced team
+ Competitive margin
+ Reduced Self-Assessment Tax Return completed by one of our accountants
+ Access to fully qualified in-house accountants
+ Clear, honest and jargon-free advice whenever you need it

If you are not registered as Self-Employed or for the Construction Industry Scheme, click below to view our useful CIS Contractor Guide for more information.