It’s only a month ago that we talked about the introduction of coding into UK schools, but despite that very short timeframe this introduction is already making a big impact. In view of the fact that many parties had been calling for a substantial revamp of the IT curriculum for quite some time, this positive reaction is not surprising, but the swiftness of the benefits are impressive, especially if you’re a contractor.

The Need for Contracting Expertise

According to Contractor UK, many specialist IT contractors are being heavily relying upon to implement the new coding curriculum in schools, as there’s a need for advanced systems and software to be installed in many school premises. A fair few schools – primary schools, in particular – had already expressed a certain lack of confidence when it came to teaching practices like coding, so contractors – who have been dealing with such systems for years – are ideally placed to help them.

Furthermore, the IT departments of many schools are now seeking external help when it comes to the more complex facets within the new IT curriculum as a whole, so there are opportunities almost across the board. Supply teachers are naturally stepping in to fill the knowledge gap that’s evident in select schools across the country, but contractors are also being employed too; even if it is only as an interim measure to get new systems off the ground

Opportunities for IT Contractors

In view of the fact that contractors possess very precise skill sets, it’s highly sensible for schools to be utilising them in such a fashion. Plenty of schools don’t even possess a ‘dedicated’ IT expert or department, so there’s obviously a need for some well-placed advice here and there. Otherwise, even though the new curriculum looks very promising, the results aren’t likely to be effective, as the standards of teaching just won’t be enough.

All told, this situation is a fantastic opportunity for contractors in the IT industry, as there are a plethora of opportunities out there just waiting to be taken advantage of. Of course, there are other obstacles in the world of contracting to overcome aside from just securing work (vital though that it), but here at ICS our experienced team of contractor accountants can help.

With our assistance, worries over administration, accountancy and payroll details can be a thing of the past, so contact us now by calling 0800 195 3750 or emailing and we’ll be happy to streamline your entire contracting experience.