The manufacturing and construction industries have endured the brunt of recent frustrations that relate to the economy, as both sectors have experienced less rapid growth than had been expected by some analysts. However, the very latest news
has suggested that both of these areas may now be on the road to far more positive fortunes, and according to an article on BBC News the construction sector’s recovery is already well underway.

As indicated by a survey, the UK construction industry grew at a rate that hasn’t been seen in over six years during January, displaying the strongest readings since August 2007. This is fantastic news for an industry that has been struggling to meet the expected results over recent months, and also proves that the long forecast boom in UK construction is now actually being realised.

Whilst not totally unexpected, the rapidity of this success has taken some by surprise. Another welcome piece of news, particularly for contractors offering services to the world of construction, is that the amount of jobs in the construction industry has risen for a full nine months in succession. The housing market has provided the greatest stimulus for these opportunities, as falling unemployment and lower interest rates have provided both the finances, and the confidence, to see more projects being implemented.

With a sharply expanding industry and a new prevalence of relevant jobs, construction based contractors look set to experience a very positive 2014 and beyond, with many openings on offer for skilled individuals to ply their trade. Even with the employment situation looking up, it still makes sense to engage with professional services who can help you make the most of your contracting career, and that is where we can help.

At ICS, our CIS services have been specially designed to assist contractors operating within the construction sector, and if your role takes place in such an environment it is likely you will be in need of this service. For more information about ICS and our CIS service , please contact us today.