The UK construction industry has been in a relatively buoyant mood of late, having largely put the woes of the recession behind it, but despite this it’s always heartening to hear new and positive stories that support this ongoing upward trend. According to the Construction Enquirer, a leading resource dedicated to conveying construction news, more than 80% of the UK construction industry is feeling very positive about their future prospects, and that’s certainly welcome news for many.

This figure represents the results of a survey which was carried out by the Construction Enquirer itself, but it is all the more impressive when you factor in that only 2% of the individuals who took part in the study felt that their fortunes were likely to worsen in the next 18 months. 16% remained undecided about their future conditions, electing to predict a relatively stable situation, but regardless of this the overwhelming majority appear to be in a very positive frame of mind.

As reported by the Construction Enquirer, the biggest threat to the fortunes of the construction industry is thought to be the availability of skilled workers, with a great emphasis being placed upon the capabilities of formally trained and experienced individuals who have a proven history for operating in this area. Of course, whilst this fact may be a niggling concern for the construction industry, it’s welcome news for the contractors out there, who are likely to be in great demand.

Because contractor skill sets are usually very specific, niche roles in the construction industry which may be otherwise hard to fill can be dealt with fairly easily, and the fact that contractors can be used to great effect in areas like project management also bodes well for those who are trying to organise an efficient construction project. The contractors themselves can look forward to all of the benefits of a freelance career, including enhanced rates, but here at ICS our CIS services can make your construction contracting experience go even more smoothly in other ways too.

Our tailor-made CIS service allows construction contractors to have consistent access to a specialist team, and also brings a fixed fee structure, same-day payments and similarly efficient processing to the table as well, so it really does make your future as a construction contractor even brighter than it already is. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact our professional team by calling 0800 195 3750 or emailing