Traditionally, university graduates tended to occupy positions in the workplace known colloquially as ‘graduate jobs’. Such an opportunity is provided by a large graduate recruiter with a consistent need for fresh new talent, and almost invariably occurs as part of a formal training procedure that might lead into a future management role. However, the latest studies show that more and more UK graduates are now electing to pursue a contract role.

Many graduates achieving high standard results are currently being drawn into contracting due to the flexibility that such employment offers. 87% of the first or second class level students surveyed by an Elance report professed a notable interest in a contracting lifestyle, with 69% of these individuals acknowledging a better ‘work-life’ balance as the major attraction. Other perceived benefits were the chance to take home more money, the greater variety of work on a daily basis, and also the ever-present fascination of being your own boss.

Those employers seeking graduate talent are creating freelance positions within their organisations to do so. More graduates than ever are forgoing the idea of a ‘traditional’ job in favour of a freelance or contracting career choice and, with many graduates struggling terribly to gain meaningful employment during the recession years, one can hardly blame them for trying to take control of their futures using this newfound pathway.

The Telegraph has recently reported how 2 out of every 5 graduates are still unemployed 6 months after their graduation ceremony, so clearly the aforementioned shortage of ‘usual’ graduate employment is not yet rectified. Contracting can certainly be a rewarding way to kick-start, and even form the long term basis, of a graduate’s working life; although this career decision is not without its own pitfalls. Here at ICS, our guide to contracting is an invaluable resource for someone approaching the idea of contracting for the first time, and our whole service is geared towards helping contractors in a number of different ways.

A full 38% of the Surveyed Elance candidates pinpointed the potential to earn more money as a huge incentive towards a freelance career, and at ICS our proven services can certainly allow you to maximise your monthly earnings. Just take a look at our contractor tax calculator to see how much of a financial benefit our assistance could actually be. We also ensure that you’re fully compliant at all times, so our company really is invaluable for those looking to find their feet as a contractor. Call us today on 0800 195 3750 to find out more.