A contractor profession has a great many benefits to offer, but one the most attractive facets is undoubtedly the flexibility that it provides. This flexibility manifests itself in numerous ways, and all of these flexibilities play a large role in making a contracting role so popular. Most of the flexibility within contracting comes about because you can essentially function as your own boss, but here are a few of the specifics that contracting professionals can enjoy in this particular area:

Choosing When to Work

As a contractor, you can essentially dictate when you want to work. You can tailor your working hours, determine how much time you are going to take off on holiday and also have a greater degree of freedom to move between contracts. As a permanent employee, the options to move between jobs are fairly restrictive; although the possibility does exist, it is relatively long-winded in the main. As a freelancer, there is far greater scope to come and go. The key thing is to leave positions on good terms, as the last thing you want is for your reputation to suffer. Even taking that into account though, if you find yourself in unsuitable or unenjoyable work as a contractor, it’s a lot easier to move onto something else than it might be from a permanent position.

Choosing How to Work

In the same manner that contractors have greater liberty when choosing when to work, they also have more flexibility when it comes to electing how to work. The company who a contractor works for will be their client, not their employer, so you’ll find that contractors have a far greater say when it comes to agreeing upon specific working conditions. Similarly, the location of your work can be far more malleable; if you want to work from home, and the work can be completed in such a manner, then who’s stopping you? This makes contracting through your own contractor limited company a desirable option.

Choosing How to Develop

Within permanent employment, whilst you may be entitled to some form of progression and training, you are limited by the will of your employer. As a freelancer, you possess no such restrictions. You are at liberty to broaden your skill-set whenever you want, and can ensure that you are honing the areas that will really help your future prospects. Furthermore, if you want to explore or ‘test out’ other industries, or pursue work with a company that you think might be able to contribute to your development, you are fully able to do so. With the shackles of a single employer’s processes and ethos removed, there is far greater scope to build up a unique portfolio of skills and experience.

As we’ve mentioned, one of the flexibilities that contractors enjoy is the ability to gain assistance with administrative and financial considerations, and here at ICS our team of specialist accountants have a proven track record when it comes to taking all of the stress out of these duties. To find out more about ICS, don’t hesitate to contact us now by calling 0800 195 3750.