iStock_000006380615XSmallContractor rates are always the subject of great discussion among professionals. After all, however enjoyable a way of working is, the financial rewards it brings are always a major incentive that can’t be overlooked in terms of prominence. Fortunately, many contractors in the modern workplace don’t have to choose between a well-paid post or an occupation that they love. Why’s that? Because according to the latest statistics in Contractor Calculator, they’re often able to experience both.

Contractors: In-Demand and Well-Paid

The appeal of contracting in terms of being your own boss needs no elaboration, but did you know that more than two-thirds of clients now pay contractors a more generous rate than permanent employees? Over 70% of clients are conforming to this pattern, and over 80% of these individuals give good reason for such favourable rates. Quite simply, contractors are able to provide ‘key strategic skills’ that are otherwise hard to come by, so it stands to reason that rates will be good.

Contractor Skills – What’s Being Looked For?

Clearly, contractors who possess such skills are in a great place, and the nature of these abilities is actually broader than you might think. Some of the most demanded skills at present include…

Aptitude in Business Start-ups – serving as a consultant for fledgling brands and businesses.

Website Developing for Mobiles – creating and optimising websites to excel in the current mobile-heavy climate.

Internet Security – given recent scandals, data protection is huge, and so are those who can assist.

Copywriting – more and more online businesses means more and more copy to promote their causes.

Accounting – absolutely vital and notoriously finicky, experience in accounting is always necessary.

Coding – essential in the digital world, those who can mastercoding are in high demand.

Marketing and Lead Generation – businesses need customer interest, and these skills create it.


Remember, the above skills only represent some of today’s most sought-after areas of expertise, but hopefully they’ve illustrated the range of needs that are out there. The fact that such needs are still present when more contractors are in employment that ever before also shows the sheer scale of the demand; there are plenty of opportunities still out there. And not even the downsides of a freelancing lifestyle need put you off, as ICS’s team of contractor accountants are here to help.

At ICS, we know that a self-employed lifestyle can leave a lot of pressure on your shoulders with regards to things like administration or accountancy, and that’s why we’re committed to helping you, allowing you to focus on what you do best and taking some of the stress out of your daily life. Contractors are currently enjoying a ‘perfect storm’, and with our help, you can take advantage of that with almost none of the downsides. Contact us by calling 0800 195 3750 to find out more.