Contractor Services For Individuals

So you’ve been doing this a while, you like contracting but you’re not sure you’re happy with your current provider or think you could be taking home more?

If you’re currently utilising an employment solution like ICS Umbrella but wish to have your own Limited Company then we can help. Simply click here for one of our team to contact you about how our contractor accountants can help.

If you already have a Limited Company, but are thinking of switching from your current provider to ICS we’ll make the transition simple and stress free. Simply click here to find out why you should Switch to ICS.

We know there is a lot of ‘us’ out there but if you are looking around then compare us fairly using this handy comparison chart which you can view here.

Calculate your take-home pay

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The ICS contractor tax calculator has been designed specifically with contractors in mind. By entering just a few basic details into the tax calculator above, you can quickly and effectively see how much you could be earning by working as a contractor through ICS Umbrella, our umbrella company or as your own limited company using ICS Accounting. These calculations are based on the assumption that you work 48 weeks per full tax year. With the umbrella solution, no expenses are worked out in this calculation. For more information on claiming expenses through our Umbrella solution, please contact one of the ICS Accounting team.

New to Contracting

Firstly, we’d like to congratulate you on making the move from permanent to contracting. We understand it is probably something you’ve considered for a long time and here at ICS we want to help make the transition as stress free as possible.


Set up a limited company – If you plan to contract for at least 12 months and earn at least £15 per hour then it is worth considering having your own limited company as you may take home a greater percentage of your earnings each month than you would via an umbrella company.

Here at ICS we can help with the set up of a limited company and have three levels of support which includes insurance, a dedicated account manager, tax and IR35 advice and much more. Read more.

Use an umbrella company – You’ll become an employee of ICS Umbrella. All you need to do is submit your timesheets and we’ll get you paid on time. Read more.

Reasons to Join ICS Accounting

20+ Years Experience
Benefit from our Insurances
ICS Benefits Portal
Competitive Margin
Dedicated Account Manager

At ICS Accounting we pride ourselves on offering a personal service tailored to your own individual needs and our dedicated account team will be available to answer questions and offer advice as and when you need them.

Stay stress free. Think ICS Accounting.

Top level contracting advice

At ICS we specialise in offering contractor services, such as a wide range of accountancy, administrative and tax advisory services to ensure you and your limited company are operating in a compliant manner.