The UK’s construction sector has continued to experience strong growth as indicated by recent figures. Record growth within construction firms has already been noted over the last three months in particular, and the greatest increases in workloads have also been evident for the first time since 1994. Such strong figures show further promise that the long awaited UK economic recovery is just around the corner, if not underway, and they are a respite for an industry that has endured a fairly trying last few years.

The construction industry has now seen consistent output increase for eight consecutive months, with house building still standing out as the swiftest growing sector. Job opportunities have also expanded for seven straight months, and this optimistic future outlook has enabled the industry to broaden into commercial building work again; a welcome contrast to the recent popular focus upon pure housing and infrastructure.

Many of the construction firms that have been positively impacted by these improvements have expressed their intention to hire numerous additional construction workers, and the demand for individuals such as bricklayers has not been higher for 15 years. This scope for opportunities is especially hopeful for those contractors who are operating in the construction industry; as there looks set to be a wealth of positions soon needing to be filled with skilled people.

Almost all contractors whose work involves building, fixing or assembly will need to register under the Construction Industry Scheme and for those contractors responsible for arranging how they get paid under the Construction Industry Scheme, ICS offer a fully compliant CIS service.

What is the Construction Industry Scheme?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out the rules for how payments are made to self employed contractors working within the construction industry.

To register for CIS, you will first need to register as self employed with HMRC by calling 0845 915 4515 and they will issue you with a Unique Tax Reference number.

Once you have received your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number, you will be able then be able to register again with HMRC for CIS by calling 0845 366 7899 – they will need your UTR number and NI number.

At ICS, we have been working alongside contractors across the UK since 2002 and created our CIS Service for those contractors working on construction. Our industry experts pride themselves on their knowledge and understanding of the marketplace. Be confident of receiving a compliant and professional service when you choose ICS.  Have your UTR number and CIS number to hand when joining ICS and we will ensure a swift and efficient set up.