Contractors in the North of the UK have been identified as being the most optimistic contractors of all with regards to their future prospects. This positive mood seems to be especially focused in the areas around Yorkshire and the Humber, with over 90% of contractors in these regions expressing highly upbeat feelings about their forthcoming business dealings.

This level of enthusiasm is surprisingly higher than what has been expressed in London, although many contractors in the UK as a whole (almost 90%) also thought that they would be able to negotiate a welcome increase in rates during the near future. Interestingly, London contractors proved to be less positive than the average UK freelancer, so what exactly is the secret to contracting in the north of the UK?

The specific optimism in Yorkshire has been caused by numerous contributory factors, and according to Contractor UK the reasons behind this attitude are as follows:

  • Increased business confidence – brought about by economic recovery and bulk investment in many of the region’s most influential firms.
  • The shortage of IT based contractors is keenly felt in areas such as Yorkshire, whereas London and the South have slightly less need of such individuals.
  • Opportunities are abundant and less competitively fought over (as opposed to the situations elsewhere in the country; especially the south).

As you can see, the reasoning behind the optimism in Yorkshire and the Humber is hardly unique, and most of the UK can surely share these sentiments. Contractors certainly seem to be targeting long-term success, but no matter what area of the UK you are based in, and regardless of your method of contracting, there is very good reason to feel buoyant about your prospects; as long as you receive the right assistance to optimise your business of course.

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