The less than satisfactory state of public transport in the UK has been a widely debated topic for some years. Not only do stories of tube strikes and inefficient bus services regularly frequent the news, but many areas of the UK have poorly implemented transport networks as a whole. These inadequate facilities mean that large routes become regularly inaccessible, and cause a huge problem for all those workers who rely upon commuting to reach their place of employment.

For contractors, transport networks and public services are a particularly noteworthy concern, as many such individuals have to be prepared to travel in order to reach available work. London is, quite naturally, the area where most contractors find themselves in demand, but dependence upon current transport into the capital has created difficulties for many of these people. However, recent news suggests that the future might not be quite so frustrating as the present, and improvements may well be on the horizon.

According to a featured article on Heart, First Capital Correct have revealed plans for a new train type that could soon be providing transport on the Thameslink line. Identifying the real need for a train service that boasts a increased capacity, as many as 115 premium quality trains could be introduced as part of a multi-billion pound Thameslink Programme, and this new project might well begin to see fruition as soon as 2016. From that point, a new train is scheduled to enter service each week and, should the venture be successful, commuter transport into the capital could well be revolutionised.

Improved railway links into London will not only create a more feasible commuting environment for those who are currently contracting in the London area, but it could well open up new opportunities for those who are looking to pursue a contracting career in the future too. To find out more about becoming a contractor, we have a helpful ‘Guide to Contracting’ which can be downloaded here.

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