As we’ve mentioned before on our blog, counties in the South of the UK usually post very strong results when it comes to the most generous contractor rates around. However, according to a recent article in Contractor UK, these areas are not necessarily the most likely locations for contractors to actually live. In fact, the vicinity to top this poll is the county of Cumbria; not necessarily somewhere you might expect a huge number of self-employed contractors to reside.

Yet, when you think about it, the prolific numbers of contracting professionals in areas such as Cumbria is perhaps not all that surprising. Contractors are often privileged to be receiving a very strong level of income, meaning that they have greater freedom to purchase property in areas that are very desirable to live in. Picturesque Cumbria, with its proximity to the Lake District, contains many quality properties to attract successful professionals, and the old drawback of living in a rural area – namely the lack of accessible technology – no longer applies, thanks to newly enhanced broadband and Cloud Computing facilities.

Because of this, many contractors are able to work for companies based within regions that can boast high contractor rates, but then retreat to a more rural base when they are able to, and who can blame them? If you’re one of the many contracting professionals to call Cumbria home, then you may well find yourself in need of professional accountancy and payroll services, and if so then ICS is undoubtedly the place to come. We’re located only a relatively short distance away, in neighbouring Lancashire, and our services will not only help you with a variety of tiresome administrative and financial work, but will also free up more time for you to dedicate to your actual profession, or perhaps even give you a little more relaxation time at home too.

ICS are specialist contractor accountants, and here to support you in setting up, and subsequently running, your own contractor limited company. We’ve been working alongside contractors for more than a decade tailoring our services over this time to ensure you remain compliant within an increasing regulatory landscape. We’ve already built up a strong client base in our local area, so don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0800 195 3750 or emailing if you have any questions. We’ll only be too pleased to help.