Recent news has reported that many recruiters of IT contractors increasingly used the Christmas period to prepare for a variety of new projects that are beginning to get underway in 2014. Previous years have often seen contractors struggling for opportunities around the festive season but, for IT based contractors at least, the current situation has been a very welcome change.

IT contractors found themselves in increasing demand for ‘seasonal’ work over Christmas 2013, and a multitude of new developmental projects planned for 2014 looks certain to keep them occupied for the near future. Observers have attributed this positive change to the more optimistic outlook regarding the economy as a whole, although a general move towards the services of specialist IT contractors has actually been noted previously too.

The IT contractors that have been in highest demand have proved to be web developers and freelance software engineers; although other areas have also seen heavy use. Despite this hugely positive landscape for IT contractors, the area of business contracting has actually seen an even larger increase. Such contractors found themselves with 83% more opportunities at the end of 2013 when compared to a year previously, and many are hoping that the improving economic conditions in 2014 will only serve to drive this demand still higher.

With so many chances for contractors to find work in 2014, the contract market certainly looks promising at this early stage of the year. No matter how much work a contractor may have though, in order to maximise the effectiveness of their business they must still ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible. Here at ICS we specialise in assisting contractors to take home as high a proportion of their earnings as they can, and our contractor tax calculator will show you just how much you could be saving with our services.

We have been providing a full array of accountancy, payroll and administrative services to UK contractors for more than a decade, so we know how to help you get all of the basics, and indeed the specifics, exactly right. We are committed to the highest standard of customer service and industry expertise, so do not hesitate to contact us now to find out more.