A growth in the demand for IT contractors has unexpectedly occurred just a few months after the market appeared to be following an unwavering downwards trend. During the first quarter of the year, the sector was operating under extremely high demand, with February representing a particularly high point in the market for IT contractors. This demand then slumped by 4.1% in June, but a projection that suggested that the market would go on to experience an extended period of flat lining appears to have been mistaken. The IT contractor services market is now beginning to display levels of success that are comparable to those enjoyed during the build up to the London 2012 Olympics, a growth which has taken some analysts by surprise.

The summer months are usually especially taxing for many temporary IT workers, as the increased demand for contract IT workers is offset by the absence of the holidaying stakeholders who are required to approve these contractors. Yet a generally positive mood within the UK, attributed to factors such as the good weather and the improving economic forecast, appears to be encouraging many companies to consider expansion. Seven out of nine relevant sectors have reported an increase in the presence of IT contractors, and many are now speculating whether this relative boom will extend into the habitually quiet Christmas period.

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