Umbrella company employees have been pinpointed as one of the groups who are prospering in the current job market, where skilled candidates to fill professional job posts are increasingly in demand within many different industries.

According to a leading industry resource, contractors as a whole are experiencing a workplace where there are plenty of opportunities available, and the number of placements for such individuals is actually almost 30% higher than it was just 12 months ago.

This rise has been driven by the accounting and finance industries in particular. Despite related firms electing to increase their intake of permanent staff in latter months, especially through the hiring of additional graduate staff, the value of contracting and freelance workers has also remained clear, with a steady intake of workers continuing to be hired for positions within these industries.

With growing confidence in the economy, more and more businesses are looking to recruit on a permanent basis, but contracting vacancies are still remaining steady at a very healthy growth rate of 10%. The key to this success is undoubtedly the need for employers to recruit the right type of talent into their organisations, and contractors, with their very specific skill sets, are often ideally placed to meet such exacting needs.

As has been mentioned, umbrella companies are proving to be one of the most common services for contractors to take advantage of at present, and there is definitely good reason for this. In brief, an umbrella company allows the managerial affairs of a contractor to be greatly simplified, and these ‘hassle’ free services also allow a contractor to be very flexible in the short-term, as they rarely tie the freelancer down to any long-lasting arrangements.