When you work as a freelancer, it’s easy to feel like a lone wolf – although it’s unlikely that you’ve entirely cut ties with people you worked with in the past, it’s certainly the case that a lot of your working week might involve performing tasks remotely, from home, and therefore not interacting with other employees as you would in many other roles.

Of course, you may have a team of other professionals working with you, and you’ll certainly be communicating frequently with your clients. But, all that said, it can sometimes feel a little lonely. However, there are many events taking place across the country that will give you the chance to get out of whatever you consider your office, and interact with others in a similar position.

From networking to learning new skills, these events can be very beneficial for freelancers across many different industries, and that’s why we’ve decided to start this new series offering updates on upcoming events every two months. So, here’s what to expect throughout the rest of July and into August:


July 12th – 14th – IP Master Class

While this is a general event, understanding intellectual property and copyright can be absolutely vital for freelancers – especially those within the creative industries – who want to be absolutely sure that their work is protected as it should be.

The course is based in Newport, with an online option available for those who can’t attend. For more information, head to this event page.


July 21st – Advanced CV Writing and LinkedIn (for contractors/freelancers) Webinar


The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals is running this training webinar, which does exactly what it says on the tin. While this isn’t a physical event, we thought the useful nature of the class made it worth a mention.


July 23rd – 27th – EuroScience Open Forum

A bi-annual event which is hosted in countries across Europe, July’s EuroScience Open Forum is coming to Manchester. There is going to be a lot to take in – far too much to list here – but it’s the Science to Business programme which will make this event particularly interesting for freelancers and contractors working within STEM fields.

Specifically, it boasts the opportunity to get together with others in the industry, from business professionals to policy makers, and hash out the biggest issues and innovations that you all face. Registration is currently still open, so act fast if you want to attend!

Bonus Event! Ongoing Event for Those Launching a Start Up – The Start Up Britain Tour

Business Hand Shake

We know that, sometimes, it’s a natural progression for freelancers to decide they want to start their own small business. If that’s the position you’re in then you might benefit from the Start Up Britain tour – they’re taking their bus around the country to discuss the options and opportunities that are available for those of you who are ready to make the leap.

As it’s in many different locations throughout the month, we’ll leave it to you to check out the details and see if any of their stops will work for you.

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