With the recession now beginning to fade into memory, UK construction has shown consistent signs of growth for a full year, and, even though the growth levels registered in April have been noted as taking place at a slower pace than those observed in recent months, there is still great cause for optimism within and around this vitally important sector.

According to BBC News, residential house building was the instigator behind April’s continued growth, and this conforms to the established trend that has been observed for quite some time. Experts have noted that the British economy as a whole expanded by 0.8% in the three months leading up to the end of March, and with manufacturing now also posting much faster growth the future looks very positive.

Construction alone represents 6% of the economy, and the current status of this steadily recovering industry has been described as being ‘well positioned’ going into future months. The fact that the current growth is centred upon house building is also highly significant, as previous shortages of property have been a strong contributor with regards to negativity surrounding UK house prices.

With government schemes (such as more accessible provision of property) specifically designed to drive the recovery of the construction sector ever further onward, there is real hope that the concerns of the past have been firmly put behind us, and as a result of this employment options within this sector are becoming far more prevalent, and people are far more willing to commit to this sector than they might have been during harder years.

Even though hiring appropriate workers has begun to slow a little, construction firms are still looking for reliable workers to assist with the influx of house building projects. As such, there is still likely to be a wealth of opportunities for construction contractors to take advantage of; not least because such individuals frequently possess more specialised skill sets than permanent employees, so their capabilities are usually in high demand.

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