Finding work as a contractor is very different to searching for full time employment. Contractors are typically hired at relatively short notice following an interview, and this interview often forms the sole basis of the testing process. As a result of this, contractors receive less employment protection that their permanent counterparts, so any false claims of overly elaborate skill sets can result in on-the-spot dismissal.

Because of this swift interview route (in fact some contractors are hired without even conducting an interview at all) the most important factor in ensuring consistent contractor work is a high quality CV. This could well be the basis that decides whether or not a contractor is hired, so it needs to be as brief and relevant to the position as possible. Circulating this targeted CV around as many agencies as possible is also vital, and doing this at least a month before you actually need work is recommended to avoid your entry standing idle in a database.

Searching for contract work is an active practice, and it is integral that you contact agencies to follow up any form of correspondence as soon as possible. Applying for contracts is one thing, but chasing up these options is just as important. A focus on more recent advertisements is generally more successful due to the rapidity with which contracts tend to be filled, and it is also advisable to keep a record so you don’t lose track of how many times you interact with the contact for each position.

Many establishments will offer contract positions that may evolve into permanent posts. Whilst experienced contractors are likely to avoid these positions, if you are a first time contractor then such applications can be valuable for building up your visible profile. Additionally, just as it is important to follow up each and every application, so it is also important to chase up any steps following an interview. As a contractor, your reputation depends entirely upon your own business practices, so you need to present yourself as being as efficient as possible.

Finding a regular source of income is the first step in any contracting career. However the work doesn’t end when you have a stable supply of work, as there are many other considerations to be taken into account. From administration to tax legislations, there are a lot of facets to operating as a contractor, and here at ICS we can assist you to run your contracting career in the most profitable manner possible. From IR35 guidance to contractor limited company services, we can help to take the stress out of contracting in a variety of ways. Call our experienced team on 0800 195 3750 for more information.