ICS Switch – The Complete IR35 Solution

ICS Switch is the flexible employment solution that takes the stress out of IR35, allowing you to switch effortlessly between operating your own PSC and being employed by ICS Umbrella, eliminating the need for a separate accountant and Umbrella solution.

No matter the assignment, you’ll be operating compliantly with the maximum take-home available.

ICS Switch is our innovative solution, enabling us to offer reduced accountancy fees if you can’t work through your Personal Service Company for a short period and instead Switch to employment with ICS Umbrella. We recognise that you may wish to keep your company operating if you expect to win work outside of IR35 in the future, but you won’t need the complete accountancy services whilst employed via ICS Umbrella.

If you wish to keep your Personal Service Company, we can offer to undertake this service for an upfront annual fee of £360 +VAT when working full-time through ICS Umbrella.

Our ICS Umbrella margin will then be retained weekly or monthly dependant on your payment schedule set by your end client or agency. If you need to switch back to using your Personal Service Company, your fees will be billed at the discounted rate of £100 +VAT a month, saving you £35 +VAT a month.

This gives you the freedom to transition between operating through your company and being employed by ICS Umbrella; it only takes one call or email to your accountant to make the switch!

If you’d like to know more about ICS Switch or how IR35 may affect you, give our friendly team a call on 0800 880 7056 or complete the form and we’ll be in touch.