The Ice Bucket Challenge is a new internet phenomena that has hit the online world by storm. Involving some of the world’s most famous celebrities, we thought we’d join in to.

The challenge itself involves a tremendous amount of freezing water being thrown over the participants to raise awareness for Motor Neurone Disease.  Following this, the soaked partaker   then has the opportunity to nominate 3 of their friends to carry on the craze.

So, in name of charity, the ICS team swapped their desks for buckets and joined the social networking craze that has raised thousands for MND.

After hesitation and an awful lot of screaming the water was thrown, our clothes were soaked and of course, a donation was made to the charity.

Now it’s time for our nominations! We’ve selected four agencies to join in the fun and help raise as much money for the amazing cause that is Motor Neurone Disease. So Proactive Technical Recruitment, Millbank, Intec and Optima get those buckets at the ready…you have 48 hours.

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