It was the Bank Holiday weekend recently, and some of our team had a great time at the latest ICS social event – the Cartmel Races! We chose to go on the Saturday, which was one of the most popular days of the year: the Cartmel Cup Day!

We all had a great time, and some of us even won on some bets! We had a tipster who gave us advice about the races and the favourites. This was the first time at Cartmel Races for most of us, so we didn’t bet big, but one of us did win £43! See below for all our winners photos:

We had our own ICS marquee, and enjoyed relaxing in it whilst eating our BBQ platters and drinking some beverages!

Luckily, the sun came out for most of the day, although the sun did mean that wasps appeared and unfortunately stung one of our team members – thankfully they were okay, but wasps were avoided for the rest of the day!

Another successful ICS social event, we are all looking forward to future ICS social events!

“It was a really fab day with everyone”
Sara, from our Accounts Team

“Really had the best time ever”
Maggie, from our Accounts Team