Jodie is our Head of Compliance at ICS and liaises with staff and stakeholders to ensure we are always providing the highest quality advice. Her role is ever-changing and no two days are the same so we caught up with Jodie to see what makes her tick…


Name: Jodie Mace


Interests: Spending time with family, socialising with friends, going to the cinema, theatre, parks and dancing


I’m happiest when: I’m with my little boy :)


Proudest achievement/moment: Having my son Jack!


The soundtrack to my life would be: Sister Sledge – We Are Family


How long have you worked at ICS? 6 years!


What roles have you held in ICS? I started ICS as a Customer Service Executive, I then became Customer Service Manager. I then started working on compliance and became Compliance Manager which has since progressed to Head of Compliance.


Describe your current role in three words: Challenging, Interesting, Important.


What is the importance of compliance in the accounting industry?

Compliance within our industry cannot be overstated. Clients, employees and agencies place their trust in us as many aspects of compliance can affect them. Individuals want to be confident that we are paying them compliantly so there are no surprise hefty Tax/HMRC bills.


How has compliance changed since you’ve been at ICS? I’m lucky that our company ethos has always been around compliance. Everyone who works for ICS understands how crucial it is. When I first started with ICS we weren’t FCSA Accredited Members. I remember when we were first introduced to this, it was a big change … but a positive one. Things started to make more sense and we started to have more structured processes in place. Having been FCSA Accredited Members for a few years now it’s embedded into the way we work and something which I am proud to have worked on.


How do you foresee compliance changing in the future?

Working in this industry we are always facing legislation changes. As experts in this field, we like to ensure that we are on top of these so that we can continuously support our clients, employees and agencies. It seems that the majority of agencies will now only work with compliant Umbrella/Accounting Solutions, however, unfortunately, there are still some non-compliant companies out there. HMRC are much more involved and aware of this, so I am confident the future for compliance will only be positive.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into compliance?

Having not started my career in compliance it’s something that I would never have seen myself doing. Working in compliance you should be prepared to do lots of reading, look into every detail (however big or small) and understand that compliance is extremely important. It’s also rewarding, seeing and knowing that you can make a difference to your business.


Thanks Jodie!