Feeling undervalued in the workplace is a problem that many people face, and apparently the problem is becoming increasingly widespread in the UK.

According to an article in HR Magazine, 58% of surveyed employees don’t believe that they receive enough thanks in the workplace, and more than half of the participants in this study claimed that they felt underappreciated as a result of this feeling. More than 40% also felt that such a lack of thanks was a major blow to their workplace motivation.

Interestingly, a number of employers were also asked a similar line of questions, and three quarters of these managers acknowledged the importance of making their employees feel valued, yet nearly half admitted that their staff frequently went without such sentiments being expressed to them.

The surprising fact is just how highly employees value being thanked, as when they were asked how much financial compensation would be required to make up for a lack of gratitude the figure came to a yearly wage increase of more than £1600. Inversely, many employees would therefore be willing to forgo such financial assets in favour of being valued just that little bit more, so clearly the value of a simple ‘thank you’ is far more than you may have initially thought.

Many employees also expressed their belief that they possessed far more skills than their current positions required them to utilise, suggesting that there is somewhat of a mismatch when it comes to the capabilities of UK employees and the roles that they are required to fulfil. Workplace satisfaction isn’t everything, but the statistics of this study clearly show that it is a vitally important part of a career and, for those who are discontent with their workplaces, contracting could well be a very viable avenue to consider.

When working as a contractor, you have the opportunity to tailor both your work and your schedule, so you can maximise your skill set and also experience all of the freedom that comes from being your own boss. Furthermore, contractors and their expertise are currently in very high demand, so there are many opportunities out there to take advantage of, as well as many employers who would be grateful for your aptitude. This situation is expected to continue for some time into the future, so contracting could well have a lot to offer both your occupational path and your self-esteem.

Naturally, contracting has its own unique complications, but here at ICS our dedicated and experienced contractor accountants can help to assuage all of these potential concerns, leaving you free to enjoy the many benefits of your new lifestyle. We can assist you using a variety of accountancy and payroll services, and can also help you to access the benefits offered by an optimal business structure like a contractor limited company, so you’ll find that your new career in contracting will be both rewarding and stress-free with our help. Contact us now by calling 0800 195 3750 or emailing info@icsuk.com to find out more.