“It’d just be easier to get a job.”


How many times have you muttered that phrase?


When we’re employed our work is generally given to us, we rarely have to fill in a timesheet, let alone calculate what our tax and NI contributions should be, and the payment of them, well that’s taken care of by the in house finance and payroll team. We know the number of holidays we’re entitled to and statutory sick, maternity or paternity pay, another thing the payroll team can sort. IR35? No need to worry about that! 

We understand why sometimes it feels easier to just “get a job” but in those moments, try and remind yourself of the reasons why you chose to work more flexibly. It’s often not just about the money. Remember that time when you were having to negotiate with a colleague who could take the time off before Christmas and New Year? And the time you got pulled into a HR meeting for being 15 minutes late due to another delayed train. The list could go on…

Working more flexibly shouldn’t mean you feel more stressed about money, but that can and does happen. When it’s been the responsibility of someone else for all those years you were permanently employed, it can feel difficult to even know where to start. If anything, it can make you appreciate those finance and payroll teams that perhaps were taken for granted!

Choosing to get paid through an umbrella company such as ICS Umbrella may feel similar to permanent employment but operating your own limited company, well sometimes you probably wonder is it worth it?  In all honesty, having your own limited company isn’t ideal for everyone and at ICS we take pride in the fact that we’ll only suggest the option if we think it’s right for you and your way of working. 

We know it can take minutes to set up your limited company but once that company is incorporated there are expectations from Companies House and HMRC that need to be met. Whilst we know it’s tempting to say, “I can do this myself”, ask yourself if your time is best spent doing it?

Working alongside an accountant early on may cost you money but it certainly saves you time. Time that can be spent however you want, saying YES to that extra piece of work, taking your children out for the day, booking onto the course you’ve been saying you’ve wanted to do since last year…this is another list that could go on. 

Legislation is always evolving and can be difficult to keep on top of. IR35, for example, has been around since 2000 but has hit the headlines recently as changes are ahead which take an IR35 status decision away from the individual and onto the end client. You’ll want to choose an accountant that understands your way of working and on top of all the legislation ‘stuff’. Looking for a company that is FCSA Accredited is generally a good way of checking. 

Did we mention we recently passed our FCSA audit?! We’re not bragging but we are incredibly proud to have passed. 

It can also be a pretty lonely place when you work for yourself, your role might be home based or you’re frequently moving office locations, not really getting to know anyone.  Even for the introverted personality types amongst us, we still need that human connection and to feel understood and supported. Whilst your family and friends might not ‘get what you do’ – [whose Mum still doesn’t understand what they do?!] there are groups of people out there online and in the real world. IPSE and Doing it for the Kids are just a couple we’ve heard of but if you know more, please go ahead and add them in the comments. 

For those of you muttering those words, hang in there, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!