Today is GCSE results day and we asked the office the share their memories from results day so here is a selection of our memories…

Judith from our New Business Team:

“In my day the exams were called ‘O’Levels. As you can imagine, I was quite rebellious at school, but my Dad had promised me a holiday abroad, if I passed at least 5 of my exams with a C or above grade. I passed all 8 of my exams, all with A’s and B’s. My poor Dad was gutted. He didn’t think I would pass them, bless him. He paid for me to go to France for 2 weeks with my Aunty and Uncle and 2 cousins. Back in those days it was a lot of money, so he also made me work for some spending money.
I was so proud of myself, but didn’t continue in Education until after my kids were born. I went to adult college to get my A Levels and then on to St Martins College to do my teacher training where I gained a 2:1 degree in English Literature. My Dad died not long after I left school and I didn’t think I would get anywhere in life. But thanks to the discipline, he instilled in me, it gave me to push I needed.”

Anna from our Marketing Team;

“I remember this day more vividly than the day I received my A-Levels – I’d just started a new job and had training that evening, I spent most of it listening to people reminisce on their results day. At the time it felt that without good GCSE results I’d amount to nothing but as the years (12!) have gone by I’ve realised this is simply not the case. If you didn’t get the results you’d hoped for, it really isn’t the end of the world. I know someone who left school with no GCSE results and although they regret not taking them, they have forged a very successful career due to their determined work ethic since the age of 16.”

“ps. It’s not Alan Sugar”

Maggie from our Accounts Team;

“It was CSEs and O’levels in my day.”

Miranda from our Marketing Team;

“Patiently revising for 16 exams inside whilst the sun was shining outside, knowing I had a 10 week summer to look forward to!”

Kerry from our New Business Team;

“My memories of collecting my GCSE results were nervously arriving in the school Gym with people coming out of there crying with excitement they had passed. I was wondering whether I would be crying with joy or crying that I have failed either way my fate was all in this little bit of paper I had in my palms. I just opened it and I was pleased at the results I had passed and I could now choose which 6th Form College I should attend to further my education, and comparing results with my friends. I did go on to study 3 A Level results and passed in English Literature and Language and Religious Studies. It is a nerve wracking experience picking up any results and if you did not get the results that you wanted there are other options and it is not the end of the world, I was told just do your best and that’s exactly what I have told my children to do! I’ve got my fingers crossed for my daughter who receives her results tomorrow!”

Adam from our Customer Service Team;

“I remember revising  Macbeth and Mice & men for my English exam and the exam paper was on the life of Amy Winehouse, I was not impressed as I didn’t even know who she was! I can also remember picking my results up and being surprised I even passed in Maths.”

One of the office also drew their art teacher during their exam and left a love note on the back but we won’t name any names :-)

Congratulations to all of you who have picked up your results today and for those of you who may have not done as well as you’d hoped, don’t compare yourself to others and don’t look back, focus on moving forward…

Never Give Up

Never Give Up