Self-employed people in the UK have higher job satisfaction than full-time employees, according to a report by think-tank, Bright Blue.

According to the Standing Alone? report, 80% of the UK’s self-employed, even those in a ‘low income’ household, are “overwhelmingly satisfied” with their job and their working life –  compared to 74% of full-time employees on comparable incomes.

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David Kirkby, author of the report, commented: “Self-employment is on the rise. It has been for some decades now. More recently, increased self-employment has helped to drive the UK’s current record employment levels. It has been forecast that the number of individuals who are self-employed will soon overtake the number of individuals working in the public sector.”

The self-employed individuals who took part in the survey revealed their ambitions for the future. Three quarters said their goal was to sustain a good standard of living; and 13% aim to grow their business to be as large as possible.

Their reasons for entering self-employment were primarily positive. More flexibility was the most common motivation (46%), followed by wanting to run one’s own business (39%) and more fulfilment (34%).

The report also revealed the top challenges for self-employment:

  • Income fluctuations (55%)
  • Lack of holiday pay (37%)
  • Long-term saving (36%)
  • Lack of sick pay (31%)
  • Late payment (22%)

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It was also revealed that 48% of respondents spend an hour or more per week chasing payments, while 17% spend over two hours per week.

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