As this is being typed, there is further clarification coming from the announcement that was given to the nation yesterday (Sunday 10th May) by Boris Johnson. It seems we have some weeks to wait before children will be returning to school. 

Similar to our working from home post last week, we know there is A LOT of information being shared for parents that are homeschooling. We also appreciate the challenge of working whilst also homeschooling. We’re not here to pass judgement, we’re all doing things a little differently, but we did want to share some links to resources that may be useful to you now, but also something you may like to do or share with the children when things “return to normal”

NatWest MoneySense

A free financial education programme for 5 to 18 year olds. With fun activities, games and resources that help teach children about money at home, as well as in schools. They’re also doing live MoneySense Mondays which are streamed on YouTube. This is the recording from their first session in April.

BT Code a Cake 

This is one we’ve tried at home and would recommend. The cake we made afterwards was also pretty tasty. This video was filmed by someone who gave it a go.

LearnLive UK 

Learn Live have been live streaming into schools and colleges since 2015 providing FREE access to a wide variety of live interactive broadcasts and video on demand with live chat support, to educate a class on careers and health education. During lockdown they have opened this up to parents and students and have a range of live classes which you can view by clicking here. 

They want a range of businesses to get involved so if this is something you’d like to know more about, just click here.

Twinkl –  Mystery Maths 

Twinkl were prompt when it came to making their resources accessible to parents during Covid-19 and there are a mass of resources on there. I suppose being accountants, we’re expected to like our numbers, but the Mystery Maths challenges have been well received by all members of our family. Just search ‘Mystery Maths’ here and find a list of results suitable for all ages and abilities. We particularly enjoyed The Mystery of the Missing Football Cup.

Talking of sport and exercise, in general, we have to also give a nod to The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks who stepped up almost immediately when the school closures were announced. This ‘Play Your Cards Right’ inspired workout has been our favourite so far. 

Finally, we just want to say THANK YOU to all the teachers, schools, colleges and education providers that have rallied round to support us all. Mrs S, aka Debbie Swann, was inspired to set up a Facebook page with daily live videos after a friend asked for some advice. She’s had over 15 years experience of finding ways to tackle curriculum work in more creative ways.

“When you’re a teacher, you sometimes forget that you have spent your whole career learning how children learn, where others lose touch with the little things that engage small minds. I set up the page to help parents during the pandemic because education for some is a mystery (or at least we think it is!). I wanted to give back something to others who might be struggling with home schooling in whatever form it has taken. I hope that my small contribution helps.”

Find her page, Mrs S’ Homeschool Tips on Facebook by clicking here. 

“The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.”  Albert Einstein.

Other Resources

BBC Bitesize –

iDEA –

Classroom Secrets –

Want to add to this list of resources? Let us know by emailing