With a wealth of experience and knowledge, the ICS Umbrella umbrella solution is committed to ensuring that you are paid in an accurate and timely manner. The ICS Umbrella solution is underpinned by jargon-free advice from our friendly and passionate team.

Depending on the length and value of your assignment, operating through an Umbrella Company is a hassle-free way of working.  An Umbrella solution is the preferred option if you are just starting out as a contractor, operating inside IR35, or just simply looking to provide your services over a short-term period.

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We understand that your take-home pay and compliance with legislation are the most important factors for you. Joining our umbrella solution ensures that your work is covered by our comprehensive professional indemnity, public and employer’s liability insurance policies to put your mind at ease and reduce any stress.

As an employee of ICS Accounting Umbrella, you will receive access to the ICS Accounting Benefits Portal. Through here you can manage your payslips and pension, get huge discounts on your shopping, access an online GP with email prescriptions and much more!

Suitability when using an Umbrella Solution

Being paid through an umbrella company is generally, but not exclusively relevant to assignments that are shorter than a 6-month period and less than £15 per hour. It can be ideal for first-time contractors and those that may be unsure as to whether they will contract in the longer-term. This type of employment may be more suited to your personal circumstances and preferred by you, but it may also be more applicable to the sector in which you work.

If you’re looking to contract for the long-term, you may want to explore our limited company option.  For more information, read our guide to contracting for general advice or call our team on 0800 195 3750 to discuss your options.