Newly released figures suggest that 2014 is going to be an extremely positive one for self-employed individuals. Almost 40% of the businesses surveyed by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation stated their intentions to increase dependency on self-employed professionals and contractors, and only 7% suggested that they would be decreasing their usage of such people. This data is being taken as proof that more and more businesses are rediscovering their confidence in the economic recovery and, rather than facing a dearth of positions, contractors with specific skills are instead likely to find themselves in high demand.

Some industries have been pinpointed as especially lucrative sectors for those who earn their living by contracting; mainly due to the relative difficulty of finding more permanent employees. The IT and computing world is a prime example of this, as are education and training facilities, and many businesses are bemoaning the lack of suitable candidates with relevant aptitude in these areas. We reported previously how the demand for IT contractors was at an especially prominent high, and according to these latest reports the sector remains a promising source of opportunities.

For contractors and self employed professionals then, the future is still looking optimistic. However, there is a great need to keep skills both up to date and pertinent in what is likely to be an increasingly competitive environment. With a lack of permanent employment possibilities in numerous industries, the contest to fill the vacancies is likely to be fierce between different contractors, so successful individuals undoubtedly need to stand out from the crowd.  Here at ICS, our Guide to Contracting covers a variety of relevant areas, including how to best market yourself as a contractor, so be sure to have a look and see what you can learn.

Of course, even when you’ve secured a contracting opportunity, you need to pursue your contracting career in the most efficient manner possible, and we’re ideally placed to help you here as well. We’ve been working alongside contractors for 12 years, so we’ve a wealth of experience when it comes to suggesting how you can take home the best proportion of your income, and also ensure that you are in full compliance with all legislation.

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