It’s not the first time in recent months that contractor opportunities have been pinpointed as being especially lucrative, and now a current article on Contractor Calculator has stated that 50% of clients surveyed by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation are intending to increase their reliance upon contractors during the next quarter of 2014.

There was also an expansion in businesses who have been hiring contractors to provide key skills on a short-term basis, and last month almost 80% of the surveyed candidates reported that they were already utilising such resources. The key attraction to hiring freelance assistance has been noted as being flexibility, and in the current climate this ability is certainly standing contractors in good stead.

We’ve recently related how contractors could prove instrumental in those industries that are plagued by shortages of relevant skills, and it appears that many employers are already tapping into the available resources to do just that. Gaps in expertise can quickly result in businesses becoming less competitive than they might have otherwise been, and so the ‘quick fix’ solution that an experienced contractor can offer is of immediate value.

It’s not just the very largest firms that are depending upon contractors either, and even small establishments are showing an extreme willingness to bring freelance workers to the fore. Almost across the board then, contractors are in very high demand, and such a plethora of employment opportunities undoubtedly represents a very privileged position to be in.

However, even with such a stable market for positions there are still many other facets of contracting that can be problematic, and here at ICS our accountancy and umbrella services can go a long way towards assuaging any concerns that you might have. When you have such a lot of job opportunities, the last thing you need is to find yourself burdened by administrative tasks, compliance discrepancies or an inefficient business model, and so at ICS we provide the answers to all of these inconveniences and more.

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