At ICS, we’re always happy when we see positive news surrounding the contracting and freelancing industries, and at the moment this means we’re feeling pretty optimistic on a regular basis, as the outlook for freelancing is very good indeed. Even a very brief look at the headlines will reveal many such stories, and the fact is that this optimism doesn’t looking like disappearing anytime soon either. That’s not to say freelancers are resting on their laurels, but they are ‘cautiously optimistic’.


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Why Are Contractors ‘Cautiously Optimistic’?

According to Freelance UK, contractors are fully aware of the complications that can ensue from running a ‘one-person’ business, but this is not serving as a deterrent in any way, shape or form, as the prospects for 2015 are bright. This isn’t to say that obstacles aren’t likely to be found on the road, because the general election could prove to be a stumbling block. For a good many industries, the uncertainty over the outcome of the election is rather holding back progress early in the year, and it could well affect freelancers too. So, why does the sense of ‘cautious optimism’ still endure?

Simply put, there are more contracts out there to be accessed. Last year’s figures represented a significant improvement on the previous twelve months, and business revenue has gone in a similarly positive direction. What’s more, this pattern has been seen across the country. Scottish contractors have been noted as doing especially well of late, but a slight cooling in this market has merely opened up more doors for the country as a whole, which can only be a good thing.

More Reasons to be Positive About Contracting

Various economic factors are playing strong roles too. You may not instantly think that lowering energy prices would be particularly useful for those seeking contracts, but that opinion would be mistaken. With companies needing to spend less on energy-related costs, there’s a far stronger inclination to invest in contractors, thus the continued cutting of energy prices is good news indeed. An increase in part-time self-employment and the need for ‘unconventional’ skill sets is also driving demand, so all told, there’s little wonder why an attitude of optimism abounds; it’s entirely justified.



Clearly, now is a great time to be working as a contractor. There is much to be positive about, but one other reason that we haven’t mentioned is the accessibility of support services to help with very necessary, yet unattractive, tasks like administration and accountancy. At ICS, our team of specialist contractor accountants can assist with many of these duties, meaning you can not only feel good about a consistent supply of contracts, but also remain as free from unwanted stress as possible. To find out more about either our Limited Company Service or umbrella solution, contact our friendly team today by calling 0800 195 3750 or talk to us on the chat box.