Rail fares increased by 2.8% yesterday with frustration amongst all commuters, but after hearing a contractor express their frustration on the regional news it made us wonder how much this increase could affect contractors and the rates they charge to their client.

The PCG also quickly recognised this increase could have on contractors and freelancers in the UK. Chris Bryce, Chief Executive of PCG commented:

“The rise of rail fares is disappointing but expected. It particularly affects freelancers who frequently travel across locations to work and this will be yet another heavy burden on those who collectively contribute £95 billion to the UK economy each year.”

Bryce also worried that some contractors and freelancers may have to turn down positions due to the location and the cost incurred to travel there which would have a wider effect on contractors but also the economy as a whole.

Whilst recognising the effect of the rise, a contractor commented that he may have to increase the rate he charges the end client to compensate for the increased travel costs which again may affect the availability of work for them if clients are not willing to pay the extra.

In agreement with Chris Bryce, who hoped revenue gained from the rail fare increase would be pumped back into improving rail travel across the UK, it is imperative improvements are made to help those people on the move.

“We would like to see a greater roll-out of features like WiFi and power-points on trains for charging laptops and tablets. Investment in these services will make the fare rises a less bitter pill for freelancers to swallow.”

What are your thoughts on the rail fare increase? Could it mean you having to turn down contracts if the travel costs are too much?

Will you be passing the increase onto the end client?