Another of the myriad significant lifestyle changes brought about by Covid is the estimated 1.3 million people choosing to retire early rather than returning to the UK workforce post-pandemic.

With nearly 9 million adults of working age currently economically inactive, the government is on the cusp of introducing initiatives and incentives to encourage millions back into work, with early retirees a significant section of the target market.

This coincides with increased financial stresses and shortfalls for many people, including the rising cost of living pressures, reduced pension pots, and later access to the state pension.

If your eagerly anticipated early retirement is looking less comfortable, could returning to work be the path for you? Read on to see ICS Accounting’s top tips to consider.

Potential Pros and Cons of ‘Unretiring’


  • – Financial
  • – Mental health
  • – Maintaining social contact
  • – Boredom
  • – The opportunity to try something new


  • – Impact on physical health
  • – Changes to the working environment
  • – The job search and application process can be challenging
  • – Financial implications

Put your feet up, or best foot forward?

As we’ve seen, there are important considerations to ‘unretiring’, from which sector to choose to optimum working hours for your health, wealth and happiness. The good news is, with an increasing gap in the UK workforce, you’re increasingly in demand, with a greater choice of ‘encore career’ options and full or part-time working patterns.

The even better news is that ICS Accounting are experts in all the financial, tax and benefit implications of returning to work after retirement. For example, did you know there’s no restriction on the amount of hours you can work after retirement, and you can continue to work past your retirement age, choosing to claim your state pension, or defer it for larger weekly payments later on.

A chat with one of our friendly team will ensure you’re not caught out by any unexpected issues like higher income tax. We’re also experts in taking the strain for employers and businesses on all aspects of employee pay, tax and National Insurance. With new government return-to-work initiatives and incentives on the horizon, we’ll make sure you’re in the right place to benefit.

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