A report out today confirms that business broadband across the UK is not ‘fit for purpose’. The slow connection in some areas of the country is hampering business productivity and growth say the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) who conducted the research.

They suggest broadband speed targets across the UK need updating and the government should commit to providing all business premises in the UK with minimum speeds of 10 Mbps by 2018–19, regardless of location.

Reported by Contractor UK, they insist there should be priority placed on superfast broadband roll out to business parks and a new approach the connecting rural areas. The PCG are also keen to improve broadband access in rural areas ensuring contractors and freelancers in these rural areas can compete with those in towns and cities.

It has been already mentioned in a previous post that Cumbria is a hot spot for Contractors, an area that has benefitted from an improved broadband connection for residential users; businesses are still not receiving these improved broadband connections.

FSB National Chairman John Allan commented;

“Too many of our small firms are held back by the current state of the broadband market in the UK. We want government to oversee the creation of world-beating digital infrastructure that will enable businesses to grow, innovate and compete in international markets. This means not only raising download speeds but also upload speeds that are so important and where provision is especially inadequate.”