It is definitely clear to say that social media is becoming one of the most popular ways for any business to interact with and reach their clients – it’s quick, easy, and millions of people use it every day. Because of the massive increase in social media use, it is important for any business, whether it be a start-up or a large business, to use social media to their advantage. Luckily, at ICS, we have some perfect tips with regards to social media.

Remember Your Demographic

One of the fundamental things you need to take into account is to remember your target audience. If you sell staircases but you are writing for a teenage audience, then the results wouldn’t be very impressive. Make sure that the content you post on social media is focused towards your target demographic.

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Update Your Social Media Regularly

By June 2016, Facebook had over 1.7 billion monthly active users, Twitter had over 313 million monthly active users, and LinkedIn had over 450 million members worldwide. So, it is fair to say that social media is incredibly popular. Because of this, it is very important to regularly update your social media pages, otherwise you will be lost in the social media ether.

If you can, try to update your pages every week and add some additional topics such as useful news stories to increase social media traffic and interact with your demographic. There are some great tools online that can help schedule posts, tweets or blogs, such as TweetDeck or using Facebook’s built-in schedule button.

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Keep Track of Your Posts

It’s all well and good posting updates and blogs on your social media, but do you know how well they have performed? It could be the case where you post lots of information but none of it is gaining any views or traffic. This links to the two points above – if you don’t post regularly and you are focusing on the wrong demographic, then your posts will not perform well.

A good way to fix this is to use tracking tools such as ones available on Facebook, Twitter Analytics, and Google Analytics. With these at your disposal, you will be able to see what posts are attracting the most amount of traffic, what the best time to post something is and what your majority demographic is for your business page.

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 Lastly… Be Yourself

The reason why social media is so popular for businesses is because it provides a platform where the consumer can see the ‘human face’ of the business. Having a social media page provides a personality for your business… and people love that. By having social media pages, you can answer customer queries very quickly, give advice to consumers and even other businesses, be engaging with consumers and businesses alike, and make yourselves memorable.

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Take these tips into account, and your social media page will be better than ever and you will see the changes in your online traffic. We have a variety of social media pages, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and even YouTube, so come and have a look at what we have to offer. ICS offers a variety of administration and accountancy services, so if you are ever in need of a small business accountant, then please get in touch on 0800 195 3750 or through our enquiry form.